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See below for a listing of some of the many chiropractic services we offer to North Georgia and Chattanooga patients.

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Low Back Pain

Ready to live without low back pain? Many people in Chattanooga and North Georgia suffer from this common complaint. Low back pain is a major factor that adds to the ongoing discomfort many find themselves in. In addition, you may have even missed work because [...]


Neck Pain

Is neck pain getting in your way? Millions of people suffer from neck pain. In fact, you may know several people who have had neck surgeries. Some of them have even had multiple painful surgeries (with painful recoveries). Our chiropractor for neck pain in Chattanooga [...]


Headache & Migraine

Suffering from headaches or migraines? We can help find the source of the problem through effective chiropractic treatment. And once the problem is revealed, you can pursue a treatment plan that could help relieve your aching head. However, at this point, you may not be [...]



Do you have whiplash from an auto collision? If you’ve been in a rear-end collision, either as the driver or a passenger, you may have whiplash. Perhaps the headrest that was too low. Or, you may have been leaning forward. Whatever the cause, whiplash [...]


Work Injuries

Have you been injured at work? Repetitive motions and overuse both contribute to work injuries in Chattanooga and North Georgia. Small weights lifted frequently are also a larger cause of work injury than heavy weights lifted less often. However, you don’t have to “just get [...]


Shoulder Pain

Is shoulder pain a nagging problem for you? Is moving your shoulder painful? Do you have to avoid sleeping on that side? Or, is there a “catch” when you try to raise your arm? Maybe there’s just a dull ache that doesn’t bother you most [...]

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