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Is neck pain getting in your way?

Millions of people suffer from neck pain. In fact, you may know several people who have had neck surgeries. Some of them have even had multiple painful surgeries (with painful recoveries). Our chiropractor for neck pain in Chattanooga is eager to help you avoid surgery – or recover from it.

However, you may have just “dealt with” this significant problem for years. What’s wrong with a few more years of delay? The neck pain will get worse and become aggravated, that’s what’s wrong with it.

With a skeletal curve as complex as the neck, any small problem can be exaggerated through continual use in a poor position. Unfortunately, our modern computers and smartphones bring an unwanted companion: poor posture. And that hunched-over position is guaranteed to lead to neck pain.


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How can chiropractic treatment help patients with neck pain in Chattanooga and North Georgia?

First of all, we’ll be learning. When you come for your first consultation with our chiropractor, you’ll talk through your symptoms. In addition, you’ll stand in your normal posture and we’ll gauge how “far off” your posture has become. From that point, we can recommend a treatment plan that should be effective to address and relieve your neck pain.

Don’t wait until your only option is surgery! Schedule your appointment with us today and we’ll help you get rid of that neck pain you’ve suffered from.

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