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Get back to the things you enjoy.

Back pain, neck pain, and pain from injuries can put a real damper on your enjoyment of life. Chiropractic care can help. Our mission is to help as many people as possible live their best lives without drugs or surgery.


Dr. Moore has been helping Chattanooga and North Georgia chiropractic patients eliminate or reduce their aches and pains since 2013. His mission is simple: to help as many people as possible live their best lives without drugs or surgery.

Robert Moore, D.C.
Robert Moore, D.C.Chiropractor


Are you recovering from an injury? Or, are you experiencing the aches and pains that build up over daily life? Call Back to Health Chiropractic if you need treatment for any of the following injuries or pain.

Low Back Pain

Low back pain is a major pain factor in many peoples’ lives. Sometimes it’s small … and develops into a major back problem later.

Neck Pain

Don’t wait until your only option is surgery! Schedule your appointment with us today and we’ll help relieve your neck pain.

Headache & Migraine Relief

Suffering from headaches or migraines? Find the source of the problem through effective chiropractic treatment.

Whiplash Treatment

Your chance of recovery goes up significantly with proper treatment. Don’t settle for long-term neck problems!

Work Injuries

Don’t just “get over it.” Chiropractic care for work injuries can be effective and improve your quality of life.

Shoulder Pain

Do you suffer from shoulder pain? Seek chiropractic treatment early to avoid worse shoulder problems later.

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