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Is shoulder pain a nagging problem for you?

Is moving your shoulder painful? Do you have to avoid sleeping on that side? Or, is there a “catch” when you try to raise your arm? Maybe there’s just a dull ache that doesn’t bother you most of the time – but you also know something’s wrong. It’s time to seek chiropractic treatment for shoulder pain.

This complex joint can be injured in all kinds of ways. Throwing, lifting, pushing, reaching … and these are just a few ways you might injure your shoulder. In addition, shoulder pain can also cause upper back problems, or be caused by them. When a joint compensates for another part of the body, that joint is often stressed into its own dysfunction.

Do you have any of the following symptoms?

  • Shoulder pain for more than 7 days

  • Intermittent pain in the shoulder over a long period of time

  • Trouble when trying to lift with that shoulder

  • Difficulty raising your arm above your head

  • “Crunching” or clicking sounds in the shoulder movement

  • Pain when lying on that side of your body


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Chiropractic treatment for shoulder pain is your best option.

Surgery is sometimes necessary. However, it is far from the most optimal choice. Seek chiropractic shoulder pain treatment at Back to Health chiropractic. We’re invested in helping you recover from shoulder pain through adjustment and re-alignment. When the bones are aligned, often the joint is able to finish healing. In addition, we will take a close look at your neck. That’s because neck injuries can “refer” pain to the shoulder – making it necessary to heal the cause in order to address the symptom.

Don’t put off your recovery! Call Back to Health for shoulder pain chiropractic treatment today.

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