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Ready to live without low back pain?

Many people in Chattanooga and North Georgia suffer from this common complaint. Low back pain is a major factor that adds to the ongoing discomfort many find themselves in. In addition, you may have even missed work because your back hurt so much.

In many cases, this pain occurs because you’ve spent a lot of time sitting. Are you a desk worker? Or, do you just spend a lot of time on the couch? Sometimes it’s a small, nagging discomfort … that develops into a major back problem later.

  • Medical professionals estimate that over 80% of your neighbors will experience the painful symptoms of low back pain.
  • Back pain is a leading cause of work absence.
  • A percentage of people suffer from back pain that won’t go away and rely on medication.


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How does chiropractic treatment help low back pain?

Your chiropractor will consult with you to figure out what your symptoms are. In addition, we’ll ask questions about your general health, lifestyle, and work habits. This is to give us a good picture of your needs – and the things that put stress on your lower back.

Because you’re an individual, not a condition, your treatment plan will be personal. As we develop your unique chiropractic care regimen, we’ll take into account your body’s unfamiliarity with the methods.

Our goal is two-fold.

  1. First, we work to relieve pressure on your sensitive nerves and spinal cord.
  2. Then, we work to help you build good strength and posture.

Don’t put up with lower back pain any longer. We would love to help you get Back to Health. Schedule your consultation today!

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