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Have you been injured at work?

Repetitive motions and overuse both contribute to work injuries in Chattanooga and North Georgia. Small weights lifted frequently are also a larger cause of work injury than heavy weights lifted less often. However, you don’t have to “just get over it.” Chiropractic care for work injuries can be effective and improve your quality of life.

Your best chance of reaching your health goals and maintaining your body’s ability to work well? Chiropractic care. Let us keep your spine aligned and work your joints into proper positioning. Through a treatment plan, you should be able to recover well. In addition, your employer may even pay for your treatment if it keeps you at work.

Don’t live with pain any longer! Make an appointment to discuss your work injuries. Even better, start before you experience pain. You know what they say – an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Get Back to Health.


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