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Discover who we are – and how we get you Back to Health: Back to Enjoying Life.

back pain chiropractor rossville ga


Dr. Moore has been helping Chattanooga and North Georgia chiropractic patients eliminate or reduce their aches and pains since 2013. His mission is simple. He seeks to help as many people as possible live their best lives – without the need for drugs or surgery.

Robert Moore, D.C.
Robert Moore, D.C.Chiropractor


back pain chiropractor rossville ga


Wonderful doctor, has helped my back a lot. I’ve gone from hurting bad while at work, to having little to no pain during the hours I’m at work. Recommend him to everyone.
Jennifer S.
I went to Dr. Moore’s office with some neck and back pain. I was immediately impressed with the friendly staff, the professionalism and the thoroughness of my visit. If you’re looking for a new chiropractor I highly suggest Dr. Moore. All around great experience.
William W.
Great chiropractor! I had plantar fasciitis and shoulder pain. He relieved the pain and gave me exercises to keep the pain away. It’s been over a year now and I’m pain free!
Edwin B.

Our Mission

Back to Health. Back to Enjoying Life.

We’re firmly committed to helping people back to the things they enjoy as quickly as possible. Anyone who has had pain that alters their way of life knows all too well how miserable it can be. Our chiropractor does the absolute best work to help each patient get better.

However, simply “getting better” from a particular symptom isn’t the end goal. In addition, we provide you with the tools you need help yourself along the way. Activity modification, stretches, exercise, or nutritional recommendations are all part of the wholistic treatment plan.

  • Chiropractic treatment for muscle, joint, or nerve pain

  • The most up-to-date treatments and methods

  • Next-level customer service at each appointment

Don’t Just Get Better – Get Back to Health

We know the feeling. Being injured and struggling with pain is a burden.

However, Dr. Moore knows from personal experience what it’s like to benefit from chiropractic care. He sought help for a sports injury – and saw results. Not only that, but he also immediately knew that his future was in caring for patients in that same way. We believe that whole-body wellness is best achieved with chiropractic treatment as one component.

Because of his past experience, Dr. Moore completely gets it. You’re probably feeling something similar to what he was. Helpless, uncomfortable, even frustrated. Perhaps you’re even having trouble sleeping or working because pain or soreness.

We’d love to help. Our years of training and knowledge are ready. We’ll treat you just like we’d want to be treated. And we’ll work to get you Back to Health – so you can …

Feel well. Move well. Be well.

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