Did you know that spring can result in back pain? Well, spring has sprung but don’t fall victim to strains and pain! As the weather turns in our favor it becomes hard to resist getting back outside and resuming our beloved outdoor activities. Whether you are a landscape enthusiast, day hiker, or weekend warrior on the ball field, there are some very important reminders that we all should pay close attention to when relating to our spine and overall health.

How Can Spring Result in Back Pain?

In many instances, as fall gives way to winter, not only do we lose daylight, but the weather also becomes unsuitable for most, causing us to retreat indoors. As the cold air takes over we tend to become dormant like plants and animals, taking shelter in our homes. During this time, inactivity can take a heavy toll on our bodies, and specifically our muscles. While indoors, many of us resort to sitting in our favorite chair and letting our televisions entertain us for hours on end.

Sitting for long periods of time day after day can cause certain muscle groups, such as your hamstrings and hip flexors, to shorten and become weak. When we experience dysfunction in one muscle group, we tend to use or overcompensate with another. The result of overworking a muscle group almost always results in pain. For example, when we experience low back pain, it could very well be due to the dysfunction of another muscle group. That dysfunction can cause us to overwork the muscles of the lumbar spine. For that reason, it is so important to maintain an exercise and stretching regiment all throughout the year. So, as we get back outside and engage in the activities we love, it is important to start gradually allowing our bodies to regain strength and mobility that we may have lost during winter.

Seek Chiropractic Help for Back Pain

We at Back to Health don’t just focus on maintaining the alignment and functional health of the entire spine. We also care for the function and proper mobility of other joints and muscle groups throughout the body.   Something to remember: be vocal with the doctor when you are in for your regular adjustments! If you’re experiencing any pain or discomfort in your joints or muscles other than the areas of the spine, please inform the doctor. If you do, we can treat a potential painful chain reaction resulting in pain and immobility of the spine.

Now that Spring Has Arrived, Let Us Get You Back to Health!

At Back to Health, we work with our patients on an individual basis. That means we give specific, age-appropriate stretches and exercises that address your condition and help you maintain a quality of life. It’s wonderful to be pain-free and able to perform the tasks and activities you love. Contact us today for an appointment!